We make scuba diving gears for your great diving life

Company Overview

Descriptions of Business

Design, development, manufacturing and sales of products for scuba diving

  • High-function regulator such as full titanium regulator, B.C. jacket, gauge, etc.
  • Dive computer as small as a watch“DIVE DEMO” “Dive Beans”
  • Newly designed functional wet suit and dry suit with plenty of new materials
  • Light products such as masks, snorkels and fins
  • Relevant products such as mesh bags and caster bags
  • Consultation relating to scuba diving business

Manufacturing and sales of elastic mooring cable “Moortight”

  • Mooring cable and anchor cable used for many purposes including landing pier at the marina, farmed corf, buoy and floating fish reef.
  • Soft and tough, and inexpensive elastic mooring cable “Moortight”

Bism is ISO9001:2008 =JISQ9001:2008 certified.
We are committed to contribute to the society through increased customer satisfaction and supreme quality management.