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Approach on Environment
Approach on Environment

We support the environmental education programs undertaken by a non-profit organization"Dolphins Pacific" in the Republic of Palau.

Our goals include not only controlling the global warming but also contributing to the conservation of the oceanic environment and biodiversity.Our activities in this field include help growing coral reefs and Tridacnidae shells which sre visible divers.

in Dolphins pacific, Palau, they use Bism equipment. As coral reefs and Tridacnidae shiells absorb CO2, we consider protecting these should constitute carbon offset.
Dolphins Pacific  

Dolphins Pacific

It is a non-profit organization founded in the Republic of Palau aims to communicate the preciousness of life and nature through researches on dolphins' abilities, dolphins themselves and hte natural environment of Plau.There,visitors can experience contacts with dolphins as well as scuba diving in the facilities surrounded by the great nature of Palau.

Dolphins Pacific


You can contribute to the blobal environment by becoming a diver.

Part of our profit from "Skill up studio THE 101" an appropriate facility for skill training and certification of C-card located in Toi,Nishiizu, is contributed to "Environmental education programs."
THE 101

Swimming pool
diving pool with large underwater mirrors,back roll bords,large ladders and slopes

locker room
shower spaces
tea lounge
lecture room
marine deskes
VIPs room
safety boxes
pool side benches
equipment washing space(including special spaces for cameras and lights)
equipment warehouse

  THE 101
日本最大級のダイビング施設 THE101