Full -titanium body, solar battery, 4 gas change compatible Dive computer with free diving mode and gauge mode.


One and only titanium body & solar battery dive computer version upgrade model.
The liquid crystal dial has been fully renewed, and the numbers are large, easy to see, and each icon display position has been optimized.
In addition, it supports dedicated smartphone apps. You can transfer log data with Bluetooth.
You can upload not only entry, exit time, but also water depth, water temperature, point information, and shooting data.
Open circuit dive computer highest model.



Supports divers with a fulfilling function

Equipped with free diving mode, gauge mode, depth interval alarm function. Furthermore, the 4 gas change compatible function expands the possibility of diving.

Smart sensor that quickly and accurately senses nature

A high -performance small sensor detects the environmental situation that changes every moment. The water depth, direction, and air pressure are accurately measured by solar driving.

* This product is equipped with a stepless calculation function that is not an altitude rank setting at the time of altitude diving, but is a stepless computing function.

[Measurement of water depth, measurement of direction, measurement of air pressure, measurement of direction]

Dedicated app compatible. Communication in Bluetooth

Manage log data with a smartphone app. Dive Demo Solis 4GS and dedicated smartphone apps are linked through Bluetooth and log data can be transferred.
* All models and OS do not guarantee correspondence.

Titanium body with strength and lightness

The case body is made of about half the weight of the copper alloy, but is highly strength, and is used for the human body and environment -friendly titanium material. It has excellent rotation resistance and has the characteristics suitable for use in the sea, and maintains metal gloss with white IP processing for a long time. The ultimate dive computer that realizes both true practicality and design by fusion of titanium body x solar battery.

Tide function

Equipped with a tid map that can check tide information.
The usage expands more conveniently.

Solar battery that converts light into power and harmonizes with nature

In the outdoors, it is equipped with a solar panel that can be charged battery with sunlight and indoor light of fluorescent lamps. Moreover, about one month after full charge (when it is 60 minutes a day, 60 minutes a day), the battery performance that can be used without charging. Achieves stable driving regardless of on or off, and fully utilizes the function.

You can know 31 time zones in 48 cities around the world

When going abroad, you can easily set local time. You can set it arbitrarily from 31 time zones, 48 ​​cities around the world.

Dive Demo Solis Titanium features

[Watch Mode]
Display the current time and date. It is possible to switch to the day of the week and seconds according to the lifestyle.

[Dive Mode]
Displays the necessary information during scuba diving.

[Log Mode]
Up to 30 logs are displayed from the latest ones. One button to log.

[Plan mode]
You can check the non -pressure dive time in air and nightrox diving. Plan call one button.

Auto light function

The LED light can be automatically turned on by the arm inclination at the time of night diving or in the dark.
The auto light function can be set on and off.


〈Presence that forms one ideal〉

BISM’s Dive Demo Solis Titanium legend has a new crown of the 2014 Good Design Award. Type A, a face design that represents the sea of ​​silence, and Type G, which designed the sunlight as a face. Despite being a compact body that has been removed, the sharp shape that makes you feel powerful is highly evaluated. In addition, the design that harmonizes in everyday life scenes while pursuing operability, durability, and safety is unrivaled. Dive Demo Solis on the diver’s arm.

〈Evaluation of Good Design Jury〉

It is a wearable computer as a tool that protects the diver’s body, which is different from the so -called diving watch. The titanium body is robust, designed with heavy duty, but it is not rugged but simple and good. The beautiful presence, which is the ultimate in the ultimate in a good way, is one of the ideals of sincere product design.