Mooring cable and anchor cable used for many purposes including landing pier at the marina, farmed corf, buoy and floating fish reef.
Soft and tough!
Inexpensive elastic mooring cable!
Moortight was approved as management innovation business 2002, 14Japanese Business journal “San Rou Sho Kei” 556
It was accepted a patent from the Patent Office in Japan.
Pat.No. 4073256 February 1, 2008
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Moortight is made from elastic special rubber; it keeps giving a good pull obliquely downward, balancing with buoyant force, even if the water level changes.
As a result, it can keep the buoyant force at the same level and is not affected by swinging caused by external forces such as waves, wind and berthing of ships.
Moortight tension

Cost reduction

Comparing with pile-type (dolphin mooring) and chain (catenary mooring), the moortight can reduce construction costs and installation time, especially in the deep sea and bad sea ground.
It allows for the cost reduction, including the cost for maintenance.

Shortening of the construction period

Using Moortight, it is easy to relocate and remove the float bridge. You can install it on land before throwing the anchor, so you do not need to go under the water. It is very effective system for facilities that may need relocation in the future, such as provisional mooring facilities.

Environmental protection

Moortight is does not damage the scenery at the water surface. In addition, you do not have to extend a long chain to the seabed as required by catenary mooring. It can therefore be installed without damaging the beautiful seascape and coral shelf, which means the Moortight is environmental protective system.


Structure and Material

Moortight consists of an elastic mooring cable that is backed up by high-elastic special rubber and whose side face is backed up by anticorrosion rubber. Moortight has the basic function of the elastic mooring cable that high accumulating capability of the energy.
As a result, it expands flexibly and absorbs load well, and recovers under the abnormal load as well as the usual condition.
And it has a connection block structure, which realizes the combination of 1 to 10 cables.
Another great feature of this product is the high-elastic rubber layer between the aramid fiber with high hardness and aramid layer (patent pending).
This structure allows for larger expansion and higher energy accumulation comparing with the existing products.
It also absorbs huge impacts.


(1) In the usual range, the rubber change shape, and generates reaction force against the expansion by the force to return to the normal shape.
(2) Out of the usual range, the aramid fiber layer starts to fasten the inner core rubber, which raises the pressure of the core rubber.
The core rubber layer with high pressure does not change its shape, but accumulates energy and extend the aramid fiber layer with high pressure from the inside.
The force to expand and generate the force to shrink (reaction force against the expansion) in the aramid fiber layer.
This is why the Moortight has design rupture strength of more than 7,000N in 1 inch (approx. 25cm).


The sequential number and length of the Moortight is determined considering environmental conditions such as sea depth, change of the water surface, wave height and tidal current, and condition of massive floating structure.
The sequential number should be selected from 7,000N/number.
The length is 10-20% in LWL (initial installed condition).
Expansion should be set to less than 70% expansion (1,000N) in HWL.
[Reference] Typically, the length of Moortight is the same as the water surface difference (HWL - LWL).
  Moortight Expansion

(From the result of the test by Shizuoka Numazu Industrial Technology Center)


Installation and Capability

1) Install it to set the expansion to 10-20% in LWL and the expansion in HWL to less than 70%.
2) It recovers if affected by the external force such as ocean wave and wind as long as that external force fluctuates in a short time or periodically.
3) Actual rupture load is more than 10,000N/number.
Installation and Capability  
Install the Moortight in the place where it can keep the state of tension (being pulled), not depending upon the change of water surface.
The Moortight generates the reaction force to balance with the buoyant force responding to the change of the water surface, so the floating body can be stabilized.
In addition, as shown in the picture, since the reaction force to oblique direction is generated, the floating body is stabilized in the horizontal direction by the generation of reaction forces to back and force, and right and left as well as up and down.

Maintenance and Checks

We recommend that you perform maintenance check every 2-3 years with the pier check.
Corrosion-resistant products are required when use occurs in high water temperature areas (sea temperature of more than 20 degrees) or corrosive water.
Please consult us if you have any questions.

Installation performance

Kobe Fisharina
Kobe Fisharina
(Water depth: 10.0m, tidal level: 3.7m)
(Water depth: 5.0m, tidal level: 3.0m)
Fukuchi Dam, Highashi-mura, Okinawa
Fukuchi Dam, Highashi-mura, Okinawa
(Water depth: 25.0m (Max.), tidal level: 8.5m)
Mochimune Fisharina
Mochimune Fisharina
(Water depth: 6.0m, tidal level: 3.0m)
Ito Sunrise Marina (Water depth: 5.0m, tidal level: 2.2m)
Venue of National Sports Festival in Omaezaki (Water depth: 3.0m, tidal level: 2.2m)
Nagaragawa river pier for disaster-prevention (Water depth: 2.5m, tidal level: 2.3m)
*Be careful of similar products. Moortight is a Bism-patented product.
Be careful for similar products with different structure and capability.
Check the product name and manufacturer at the time of purchase.