All Bism gauge is lightweight and compact. The hose has a reputation for the durability of the hose.

Navigation Gauge

Navigation gauge

  • An angle adjustment function that makes it easy to catch the target
  • You can secure a stable direction by the long and convex bases
  • Adopts a compass diaphragm structure that relieves the heat deformation of the compass capsule
Angle adjustment function (Practical New proposal registration No.1934895)

Angle Adjustable Structure

Equipped with an adjuster function with a rotary axis up to 90 degrees so that the compass can be adjusted to an easy -to -see angle. Comfortable compass navigation is possible. The field of view is expanded and the stress in water is reduced.
From the side window, you can catch the target firmly.

Beans gauge

Beans gauge

Residual pressure gauge + compass

  • Dolphin residual monitor designed in the red zone
  • Guidelines drawn by compass support navigation
  • Adopts a compass diaphragm that relieves the heat deformation of the compass capsule
One -point color parts (standard equipment)

There are 6 colors of one -point color parts, and you can set them with your favorite colors.


Since the guidelines are drawn according to the index part, navigation is easy to perform.

Single light gauge
Single Light Gauge

Single light gauge

  • The lightest and the compactness that can fit in the palm is attractive.
  • We adopt a luxurious titanium ring
  • B.C. using retractors and clips Can be mounted on the jacket
Titanium Compact Gauge
Titanium Compact Gauge

Titanium compact gauge

  • Titanium body single gauge
  • A gauge cover standard equipment that protects the gauge from shocks in rocks, etc.
  • It can be attached to the arm by using an optional wristband
Stick gauge
Stick Gauge

Stick gauge

  • Amazing simple & compact model
  • Other than visual, you can check the residual pressure with tactile sensation

* Since the tank pressure is displayed as a guide, it is recommended to use it with a more accurate balance gauge.



  • Excellent visibility on a large and easy -to -read board
  • Ratchet bezel with a good operation feeling
Wrist mount compass

Total length/ 330mm
Width/ 55mm
Diameter/ 40mm in diameter
Weight/ 84g

Clip mount compass

Total length/ 75mm
Width/ 55mm
Diameter/ 40mm in diameter
Weight/ 73g